Making a difference

Volunteers are a vital and valued part of Lutheran Community Care’s services. They make an enormous difference in the daily lives of our clients and residents. Volunteers at our services are encouraged to develop their own skills and abilities whilst helping people and contributing to their community in a real and meaningful way.

Check out our YouTube video to find out more about LCC’s volunteers.

What do LCC volunteers do?

Volunteers have the opportunity to take on a wide range of roles and projects at different locations. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Lifestyle program support at our services for seniors, including assisting with creative activities such as running a poetry group, supporting with art and craft individually or in groups, or helping residents attend and engage in musical concerts and programs.
  • Companionship at our services for seniors can involve simple activities such as reading to or writing letters for people needing assistance, helping with leisure activities and having a chat to help make sure our residents feel connected to the community; to boost their sense of self-worth and quality of life.
  • Supporting individuals at our community services (which include disability, family, mental health and youth services) through youth mentoring, supporting a specific program or activity, or generally helping out with the day to day running of the service.

We also welcome enquires from organisations and skilled professionals for specific placement, program and event ideas.  Hear from a few of our volunteers about the things they do and what it is like to be a volunteer at Lutheran Community Care’s services.

What does LCC look for in its volunteers?

We expect out volunteers to support our values of offering hope, quality service, and respecting the dignity of our clients, along with a strong sense of commitment.

Generally, no specific qualifications are needed. However volunteers will be required to obtain a blue card, yellow card, a positive police check, or a combination of these depending on the service. We can assist you obtain these.

How does it work?

Each service runs different programs and events. We encourage you to apply directly to the service you wish to connect with. List of service locations.

Please email or call the service to outline your interest and ask about current opportunities. From here you will be supported through an induction and orientation program. A volunteer coordinator located at the service will help with information about options and administrative requirements.

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