Enjoy expert nursing care and a vibrant activities calendar at our Toowoomba aged care services.

Residents, along with their families and the team of caring staff, are the heart of this Toowoomba aged care service. We have been part of the Toowoomba community since 1935. We operate in two separate locations – Salem in Hume St and Northridge Salem in Holberton St. Both are minutes from Toowoomba’s town centre.

  • daily menu choices
  • leisure and creative activities
  • access to an on-site GP clinic at our Northridge Salem site
  • bring your treasured belongings to make your space your own
  • choose from a mix of rooms with shared or private ensuites, with or without airconditioning

HAZEL Frohloff no longer has to leave Northridge Salem aged care service to visit her GP.
Instead she can visit with Dr Elizabeth Flynn at a new on-site clinic, located within the Toowoomba aged care service.

We work with our residents to understand the things that are most important to them. We also provide:

  • quiet areas for residents and families to meet
  • a choice of meaningful activities that offer the opportunity for creativity and developing new skills and interests
  • feedback and resident-initiated activities are welcomed
  • an open and friendly place to live that welcomes family, visitors and members of the broader community
  • expert dementia care in a dedicated dementia unit at our Northridge Salem site


“For 80 years Salem Lutheran Aged Care has evolved and remains committed to providing care that encourages wellness, fulfilment with a sense of home and family.”

Jason Coles, Service Manager Salem and Northridge

All LCC aged care services offer access to nostalgia radio station Silver Memories. Residents enjoy the tailored music broadcasts as part of reminiscence sessions and a range of other enjoyable pastimes.

Smoke-free policy: Important information for prospective residents
Our residential aged care services are unable to accommodate new residents who wish to smoke. This policy is in response to Queensland legislation banning smoking by any person on or near the grounds of these services. These measures are also part of our transition to a smoke-free environment that better supports the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives at, works at or visits our services.

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