The people who access our services are often experiencing times of crisis, uncertainty and major life changes.

Your generous support will make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities, vulnerable young people, seniors, women and children fleeing domestic violence, and people in hospital.

How can you help?

$100 will:

Lift a person with a disability to a new level of independence. With the appropriate support, people with disabilities can participate as active members of their communities. Your donation will secure an opportunity for a person with a disability to take part in an advanced living skills program.

Help a young person at a crossroads. Education is a passport to a more secure and fulfilling life. You can support a vulnerable young person who is at risk of dropping out of school by providing items such as clothing, books and stationery needed to support their return to education or help keep them engaged with learning.

$75 will:

Create the experience of ageing you would wish for yourself. Stimulating activities are one of the key ingredients to a life that is worth living. With your help, our aged care services will be able to fund the required resources and staff time to offer residents more opportunities to enjoy pursuits that are personally meaningful.

$50 will:

Support a new beginning for women and children escaping domestic violence. Each year, Mary and Martha’s refuge provides a safe haven for more than 200 women and their children. Your gift will fund a ‘welcome pack’ containing essential items (such as toiletries and clothing) they were forced to leave behind.

Put a chaplain in hospital. Our dedicated volunteer chaplains provide valuable emotional and spiritual support to people in hospital. Your donation will cover the expenses of a day’s hospital visit and contribute to the costs of chaplains’ training and support.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. You will receive a receipt for your gift.

How can I make a donation?

You can either use the links below to donate online, or complete and return the donations form.

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