Dr Elizabeth Flynn meets with Northridge Salem resident Hazel Frohloff

HAZEL Frohloff no longer has to leave Northridge Salem aged care service to visit her GP.

Instead she can visit with Dr Elizabeth Flynn at a new on-site clinic, located within the Toowoomba aged care service.

Dr Flynn is one of two doctors who make regular visits to the clinic.

Before the clinic opened, residents needing assessment by a doctor relied on in-room visits from their usual GP or transport to a hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Dr Flynn said the clinic was virtually full service and residents’ medical information could be accessed via a secure server connection.

“I can look up residents’ cases, check their results, their medications and write prescriptions,’’ she said.

“I know the staff here and they know how I work, so overall it gives people a much better level of care.’’

Hazel, who has been living at Lutheran Community Care’s Northridge Salem for 12 months, said the convenience of a regular visiting GP was “very comforting”.

Dr Flynn is now her main GP.

“It makes it easier for me and it’s very comforting,’’ she said.

The clinic was established with a grant from Darling Downs – South West Queensland Medicare Local.

The Medicare Local provided $20,000 to assist with the capital costs of refurbishing the rooms and buying state-of-the-art medical equipment.