Lutheran Community Care respects the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all those in its care.  We offer a warm welcome to everyone, regardless of their faith or whether they practice a religion at all.  In this video four of our chaplains explain what chaplaincy is and what role they play in our aged care services.

Under the direction of the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District, Lutheran Community Care offers spiritual support to clients and their families on request. Our chaplains and pastoral carers are there to help people build a sense of meaning, personal value, security and hope. Our spiritual orientation is one inspired by Christian values and faith, is offered with respect for each unique individual, is non-judgmental, and is shared with humility.


Services for residents in aged care

All of Lutheran Community Care’s residential aged care services have a dedicated chaplain to provide spiritual support and pastoral care. Our resident surveys demonstrate how much our chaplain’s listening ears are valued.

These chaplains also coordinate worship services and devotions throughout the week providing opportunities for residents, staff and families to participate.


Hospital chaplaincy

We understand that hospitals can make us all feel vulnerable and can challenge our faith and sense of purpose. Our hospital Chaplaincy service reaches out to make a real difference by offering spiritual support, pastoral care, a willing ear, or a shoulder to cry on.

Hospital chaplaincy is one of the more specialised areas of Lutheran Community Care’s work. The hospital chaplains are all volunteers who go through an accredited training program to prepare them for their roles. We have about ten hospital chaplains who provide assistance through many major hospitals in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

Some operate as ward chaplains, and provide assistance to anyone in their designated ward who requests a visit by a chaplain, irrespective of their religion. Others operate as denominational chaplains, providing assistance to those in hospital who have identified themselves as Lutheran and have requested a visit by a chaplain. The chaplain’s role is non-directive and responsive to the needs and expressed wishes of the patients. They often spend considerable time simply listening to whatever the patients choose to share with them.

Chaplains can frequently provide comfort and reassurance, assist with spiritual guidance and help people to come to terms with the particular challenges they are facing. The hospital chaplains can make a considerable difference to people’s experience of hospital and their work is highly valued.

hospitalchaplaincyad2016_featureThis work is supported by donations from Lutheran congregations as part of the annual Easter Appeal.